Liquid Urea

Product Type:

Liquid SmartBlend™

Product Description:

Liquid urea is an excellent source of nitrogen best applied during the warm growing months of the year. It is used to provide a sustained source of nitrogen within the root zone.

Nitrogen is the single greatest factor in turf growth. Absorbed primarily as nitrate or ammonium, nitrogen promotes rapid growth while improving turf’s ability to withstand stress and heavy traffic. A deficiency of nitrogen causes slow growth, uniform yellowing of foliage (chlorosis), and poor root development, while affecting the assimilation of other nutrients within the plant. Liquid Urea can be combined with other crop nutrients to coincide with the turf’s nutritional needs. Suggested rates of application vary from 2 to 8 pounds of N per 1000 square feet per growing season.

Liquid Urea can effectively be applied through fertigation or spraying. It is best used to rapidly correct nitrogen deficiencies.



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