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Ferti-Gro 4-16-4

Product Type:

Foliar Nutrient

Product Description:

Ferti-Gro 4-16-4 can be applied to potatoes, sugar beets, most vegetable and row crops, deciduous fruit and nut trees, citrus, avocados, grapes, melons, ornamentals, turf, grains, pasture, range and annual grasses.

Ferti-Gro 4-16-4 liquid plant food contains primary plant nutrients and some micronutrients – which are sequestered – to provide for rapid assimilation into the plant's system.

Ferti-Gro 4-16-4 is recommended to be used to complement a complete, Furst®-Class Concentrate nutritional program. As a foliar, Ferti-Gro 4-16-4 can be used as a supplement between Furst-Class Concentrate applications or in conjunction with Furst-Class Concentrate applications.


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