Product Type:

Liquid SmartBlend™

Product Description:

Ammonium Thiosulfate is an excellent source of nitrogen and sulfur recommended for use in the winter months of the year. It can be used to provide the essential plant nutrient nitrogen, while also providing sulfur for use as a plant nutrient and soil amendment.

Once applied to the soil, the thiosulfate contained in Ammonium Thiosulfate decomposes to yield equal parts of sulfate (SO4) and elemental sulfur (SO). While the fully oxidized sulfate component is readily available for plant absorption, the unoxidized elemental sulfur enters the soil solution where it is converted into sulfuric acid effectively lowering soil pH and deflocculating soil particles.

Research has shown that Ammonium Thiosulfate acts as a nitrification and soil urease inhibitor when blended with UAN solutions decreasing nitrogen loss through nitrate leaching and ammonia volatilization.



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