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"I've never had to go outside of Fertizona for what I need. One of the best things about Ben (Hoyler) and Fertizona is that they treat my crops like they have an ownership stake in them."

Jon Post, Post Farms & Marana Pumpkin Patch

"I really like Fertizona's way of doing business. They're honest and straight in their dealings with us, especially about trying new things. Some other companies will come in and try to sell you a magic potion or a silver bullet, but there aren't any. Fertizona has always been very supportive."

Robert Van Hofwegen, Jr, Sunset Farms

"Growing the best potatoes is very expensive, and we insist on using only top-quality fertilizers and other products. Fertizona is able to deliver exactly the products we need, when we need them, and their service is excellent."

Florencio Rivera Aviles, Agropecuaria Malu

"I've never really worked with anybody else but Fertizona ever since I got here (Harquahala Valley, AZ). They have great people, great service and competitive prices. I trust Fertizona for just about everything."

Steve Melton, M&M Farms

"Fertizona constantly goes above and beyond for our operation. We do a lot of business with them and they are always there for us with exceptional products and a high level of service. Fertizona even offers various financing programs for customers if needed."

J.L. Echeverria, O&E Farms

"Fertizona gives us everything we need when we need it. We've worked with them for many years and we are extremely happy with their products and with the high level of service that they provide to us."

Cheryl Soto, Safford Valley Cotton Growers Co-op

"I use Fertizona for my seed, fertilizer and other things and I don't really need to do business with anybody else. My field people count on Fertizona a lot, too. If I had to point to one thing that makes Fertizona better, it's their excellent service. The Comptons are a stand-up family and I really care about them."

Mike Brooks, MK Farms

"We rely on Kevin's (Walsh) expertise. With his knowledge and flexibility, he's really good about finding economical ways to keep our grass strong and healthy. Fertizona definitely gives us a bigger bang for our buck."

Brandon Putman, City of Peoria

"Because of all the unique stuff we grow here, I often have to call, ask for for special fertilizers or chemicals and Compton Ag has always come through for me. I also really appreciate their involvement in our community. Compton Ag provides a lot of local support, especially for kids."

Joe Van Dyke, Jr., Joe Van Dyke Farms

"The staff at Fertizona has deep knowledge of the products and labeling, which helps us avoid liability issues from mismanagement of chemicals. Plus, we've had a very high level of service from Fertizona. We know we can always count on Fertizona."

Harold Payne, Fort McDowell Tribal Farm

"Fertizona is a one-stop shop; they take the worry out of insect, weed and disease control. Getting all my fertilizers and pesticides from Fertizona helps me manage costs and allows me to be as efficient as possible."

David Wuertz, Sundance Farms

"Fertizona has helped our business be more profitable. I enjoy doing business with them - they have great customer service, their prices are good and they have no problem locating products for me. I would recommend Fertizona to any grower."

John Bay, Desert Trees Nursery


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    Visit our updated Products page to Fertizona and Compton Ag Services product labels, SDS, and brochures. New products were recently added.
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    Read the latest letter from our president, Jim Compton, Jr.
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Grow The Right Way With Fertizona

Fertizona is Arizona’s largest agricultural fertilizer and crop protection retailer. With 9 locations located throughout Southern California, Arizona and Northern Mexico, and a regional trucking depot, fertilizer production facilities, and seed coating operation.

Fertizona and its member companies, Compton Ag Services, Ag Express, and CYC Seed Company provide inputs for Southwestern growers, turf managers, nurseries, landscapers, and municipalities. With an experienced staff of Pest Control Advisors, Agronomists and Turf Managers, we provide superior service and knowledge and provide for our Southwestern agriculture.

VINTRE® Improves and Extends Spray Performance

Promote yields with exclusive Fertizona surfactant

When a new innovative product comes along that can save you time and money – and help increase your yields and profits – Fertizona wants to spread the good word. And in the case of VINTRE®, that includes spreading good spray products. VINTRE is a penetrant/surfactant uniquely formulated to enhance the distribution and coverage of translaminar and systemic pesticides, fungicides, nutrients and plant growth regulators. Thanks to its exclusive technology, VINTRE goes into the surface of the plant faster, which means it increases the efficacy of the active ingredient in the spray and helps utilize more of the product you paid for.

"It's the only adjuvant I recommend now," said Vern Johnson, PCA/CCA, Fertizona – Willcox. "VINTRE works fast and assimilates better on the plant, so you don't have to worry about it washing off. I really prefer it to traditional ‘sticker' surfactants."

Developed specifically for vine and tree crops, VINTRE has proven to be especially helpful in citrus and nut orchards.

"It's the only adjuvant I recommend for citrus or pecans," agreed Don Platt, PCA, Fertizona – Casa Grande. "VINTRE is actually cheap insurance for the cost of everything else you apply, because it gives you more mileage out of anything you're putting on."

In addition to seeing great results from VINTRE, Johnson noted that his growers who use it also get another bonus: less work.

"With VINTRE's ability to improve coverage and make products perform better, it means you need less spray volume per acre," he explained. "When you're treating a field and you can get by with reloading the tank less often, that's a benefit."

VINTRE is available only through Fertizona. For more details or specific recommendations, contact your Fertizona rep or stop by your Fertizona branch office.

Promote Better Turf Nutrition With New OptiFeed™

Get more results – and economy – for your nitrogen

Superintendents and landscape managers now have another tool for supporting healthy turf and lowering their input costs: new OptiFeed™, Fertizona's stabilized nitrogen product that's ideal for golf courses and other professional turf.

Stabilized nitrogen is a valuable and convenient way to effectively minimize the natural breakdown of urea and UAN fertilizer. It's common for the nitrogen in urea to volatilize, meaning it converts into ammonia gas and disappears into the atmosphere. Soils with pH values above 7.0 – which are typical here in the Southwest – tend to have even higher risks for nitrogen volatility. The other threats to urea integrity are denitrification and leaching when ammonium is converted to nitrate.

Studies have shown that as much as 40% of surface-applied urea-based fertilizer can be lost to the environment through volatilization, leaching and denitrification. Those losses obviously represent a huge amount of fertilizer being wasted.

Stabilized nitrogen is much slower to convert to other forms. By delaying those conversion processes, OptiFeed gives the urea you apply more time to work into the soil and then reach the turf's root zones thoroughly after irrigation. As a result, your grass gets more available nutrients and your nitrogen goes further.

OptiFeed represents about a 25% cost-savings to the end user, compared to other stabilized nitrogen fertilizers," said Craig Allen, Fertizona Turf and Landscape Sales Manager. "We've been selling it in the turf market for about a year, and we keep getting repeat sales."

Proven formulations

OptiFeed is an exclusive Fertizona product based on the chemistries in other popular stabilized nitrogen fertilizers. OptiFeed can also be custom-blended with Fertizona's proprietary Furst® nutritional technology, which helps stimulate plant cells to optimize the uptake of available nutrients.

OptiFeed is clearly promising to be a tremendous advantage for superintendents looking to enhance fertilizer effectiveness and turfgrass response.

"Consumers know about it," added Allen, "and we're selling some of it every day."

For more details about our line of OptiFeed stabilized nitrogen fertilizers for turfgrass, call Craig Allen at 602.402.3371 or contact your nearby Fertizona location today.

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